Wizelin in Flanders

ca. 950

( Wizelin )

Location of Flanders

ne of the more continuous collection of records to be found in northern Europe is the Oorkondenboekt or Charter Books of The Netherlands and Flanders which were maintained from the seventh through to the twelfth century. Among these records is recorded the name Wizelin, dating to the 10th century in Flanders.

North Sea Coast ca. 500 AD.

A study of this region suggest the lingering of influences from an earlier time. The northern coastal marshlands were home to the Saxons about 500 AD., until the expansion of the Franks limited their range. And it is among the Saxons that the forms of the name Wizelin most often occurred, with some indication that it was exclusively a Saxon name.

The singular occurance of the name might also indicate the nature of its usage. Repeatedly, the name Wizelin stands alone, as would be expected if Wizelin was a common name for a priest or a name sometimes adopted by someone who was a priest. And yet on the evidence alone, this can not be known for sure.



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