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The Witzels of Lengefeld

c. 1724


An old churchbook of the village of Diedorf contains three references to the Witzel family. Two of the references are included in a list of weddings between 1713 - 1728. The third comes from a record of payments between 1741 and 1762.

In den Jahren 1741-1762 zahlen neben den Diedorfer Einwohnern auch Jacob Völcker aus Faulungen und Hanß Witzel aus Lengenfeld Kirchengel in Diedorf. Hans Witzel hatte zuvor am 23.10.1724 Angela Rexhausen in Diedorf geheiratet. (Stützer). »

In the years 1741-1762, Jacob Völcker of Faulungen and Hanß Witzel of Lengenfeld (unterm Stein or Lengefeld)/Kirchengel pay in Diedorf, along with the inhabitants of Diedorf. Hans Witzel had previously married Angela Rexhausen on 23.10.1724 in Diedorf.

The book of weddings lists the marriage of Johann Jodocus Witzel to Magdalena Ochsenfahrt on December 1, 1723. A year later, there was the marriage of Johannes Witzel to Angela Rexhausen on October 23, 1724.

Within the region can be found many Witzel families. Nearby Küllstedt and Bad Langensalza have long Witzel family histories.

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