Ludwig Witzel of Vacha

c. 1580


Among documents in Frankfurt am Main is found the family line of a shoemaker named Hans (Johann) Witzel. The records show that he married Anna Rosina Schleicher on September 05, 1625 in Frankfurt, where it seems that he lived until his death in 1674. Anna Schleicher was born in 1604, suggesting that Hans was likely born around 1600. The town of his birth is indicated as Vach. (Eichler). » It seems safe to conclude that Vach is a short-name for the town of Vacha (Ditzel, 2000) », found on the Hesse-Thüringia border northeast of Fulda.

Listed in these records is the name of Johann's father, Ludwig Witzel, also born in Vacha. Johann's children and grandchildren are consequently born in Frankfurt am Main. (Eichler).»

One researcher states that the Witzel family lived in Vacha as early as 1380. (Ditzel, 1998). It is also in Vacha that Michael Witzel is mayor in 1526, and his son, Georg Witzel, served as Vicar of Vacha beginning in 1522. » Michael's older son Johannes (Hans) is thought by some to have participated in the Farmer's Rebellion in 1524.

It would seem that there is some kind of relationship between Ludwig Witzel and the Michael Witzel family, but at present there are no documents to complete the details. Yet these documents clearly show the Witzel name in Frankfurt am Main at an early date in the Witzel Family's history.



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