Philip Witzel

c. 1435

Map of Baden and Württemberg c. 1500
Introductory Page to the Ledger


mong the guests attending the wedding celebration of Duke Eberhart the Elder (Eberhart V) of Württemberg and Duchess Barbara Gonzaga of Mantua in 1474 is listed, as a member of the entourage of Count Christoph I. of Baden, Philip Witzel. Christoph I. of Baden was the son of Count Karl I. of Baden und Katharina of Austria, the sister of King Friedrichs III. »

Nothing more is known about Philip Witzel, except that some assumptions might be made:

First, he appears to be someone of high standing, perhaps in the court of Christoph I.

Page 29 which lists Philip Witzel

Secondly, geographically, Baden lies just south of both Frankfurt am Main and Mannheim, Germany. Early Witzel families appear in both of these cities. If Philip Witzel descends from the Witzel family of Vacha, perhaps the influence of Old Hanß Witzeln, and his standing with the earls and counts of Völkershausen, continues to be reflected in the later generations of Witzels in regions throughout Germany.

Philip Witzel

'Dokumente - A 602 Nr 373 d = WR 373d, 92 Seiten'. Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. Viewed on February 7, 2008: »




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